Get Back to Basics and KISS Your Way to Fatloss & Muscle Gain

Article by Robin Tintelen, Personal Trainer, Best In You Personal Training (Dutch Site) KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid! For those of us who have a more down-to-earth and realistic view on training, the gym can be quite a ‘Twilight Zone’. Groups of teenagers doing fist pumps after their max-effort set of Leg Extensions, women […] Read more »

Beginners Muscle Building Workout

Muscle Building Workout

Workout by James Cooper, Personal Trainer, Have you ever heard the expression ‘Walk before you can run”? The world of resistance training follows the exact same principles. If you are new to resistance training it is important that you develop a solid foundation that can be built upon as you progress. The first time […] Read more »

Gordon Hunter’s Quadzilla Leg Workout

Gordon Hunter Leg Press

Workout by Gordon Hunter, Personal Trainer, Burn It Bootcamp Your legs are the foundation of your body, so its important to train your legs properly. This Giant Set will give your legs a great workout; try incorporating it into your routine once or twice per week! Please remember to warm up properly before attempting the […] Read more »

XcelR8+ Pre-workout Review

Pre-workout Drink

Smart-Tec: XcelR8+ Pre-Workout Formula – Lemon and Lime Fusion Flavour – Review by by Neil M White Smart-Tec’s new pre-workout supplement stack boasts an impressive list of ingredients, but does it really work? A good pre-workout supplement should deliver the following: Impressive muscle pumps, sustained energy throughout the length of the workout and no adverse […] Read more »

How To Improve The Bench

Improve Your Bench

Article by Andy Tsang, Personal Trainer, The Varsity Gym “Do you go to they gym?” “Yeah, I do been training for a while now” “Is that right, how much do you bench” These are the typical meathead male conversations that you will see when two douchebags from the gym world get together. Even though I […] Read more »

Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes

Recipe for Chocolate Protein Pancakes using Smart-Tec WheyFX – Recipe provided by Neil M White Ingredients: 2 large whole eggs* ½ cup rolled oats/oatmeal ¼ cup Sucralose sweetner 100 ml water 1 level tsp. Baking powder Pinch of salt Low fat cooking spray 1 scoop Smart-Tec WheyFX Chocolate Mud Shake Makes 6-9 pancakes Mix the […] Read more »

Six Week Beginner 5K Programme

If you are trying to shift a few pounds, having a goal like completing a 5K can help keep you on track. Why not run one for charity, and raise money for a worthy cause in the process?! To find a 5K happening near you check out The Running Diary! To help get you started […] Read more »