XcelR8+ Pre-workout Review

Smart-Tec: XcelR8+ Pre-Workout Formula – Lemon and Lime Fusion Flavour – Review by by Neil M White

Pre-workout Drink

XcelR8+ Pre-workout

Smart-Tec’s new pre-workout supplement stack boasts an impressive list of ingredients, but does it really work?

A good pre-workout supplement should deliver the following: Impressive muscle pumps, sustained energy throughout the length of the workout and no adverse side effects such as jitters or the dreaded ‘crash’.

XcelR8+ (pronounced ‘accelerate plus’ – get it?) performs on all three fronts. Just twenty minutes after taking my first 20g serving, I was raring to hit the gym, experiencing a pleasant rush and heightened energy levels. My ears started to tingle which is a good indicator that the 2g of Beta Alanine is kicking in.

Whilst in the weights room, I felt energised and tore through my sets like a man possessed, making appropriate noises much to the bemusement of any by-standers. A few sets into my chest workout, I was already feeling a increased pump across my pecs which did not fade quickly post workout.

The ingredient list for XcelR8+ is impressive with the usual suspects of Creatine, AAKG, arginine, Beta alanine and Caffiene. Also present is the Arginine precursor, Citrulline Malate and the strong stimulants Syneprine and Geranium root extract. Because of these potent ingredients, it’s not a good idea to take this product if you work out mid to late evening.

Some pre-workout products that I’ve tried in the past deliver a sledge hammers worth of energy that gives an insane rush, sometimes for several hours. What follows is a brutal crash that leaves you feeling drained and lethargic. XcelR8+ was just the right strength and the energy release was continuous with a light buzz afterwards. This may be amplified if you are sensitive to stimulants. Trying a half serving to assess tolerance is probably a good idea.

Smart-Tec have developed a solid pre-workout formula in XcelR8+. It ticks all the boxes and has an impressively comprehensive ingredient list and is more than capable of boosting your performance in your next workout.

XcelR8+ is available from Sportfood.co.uk

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