Thirteen Reasons To Use Fish Oils To Get Lean

Get Lean

This is an excerpt from coach Poliquin’s and Dr. Houston’s book on fat loss. Thirteen Reasons To Use Fish Oils To Get Lean Serious trainers want to find a supplement that will give them an edge. For those of us interested in positively and optimally altering body composition and maximizing our training efforts, fish oils […] Read more »

Pack on Muscle with the Overhead Press

The Overhead Press

Article by Andy Tsang, Personal Trainer, The Varsity Gym Overhead Press The overhead press in recent years has been turned into a rouge exercise of sorts and the bench press took over as the king of upper body pressing exercises.  I for one think that the overhead press is often overlooked and should still be […] Read more »

Strategies for Successful Weight Management

Successful Weight Management

Article by John Lingley, Personal Training and Wellbeing Coaching, Aspirations Coaching Successful Weight Management The dieting industry is a multi-million pound business with many people and organisations promising you great results in a very short space of time. Many of these diets are expensive, unhealthy, and will only produce short term results. The only way […] Read more »

How To Improve Your Squat!

Improve Your Squat

Article by Andy Tsang, Personal Trainer, The Varsity Gym Ok so following on from the last article I wrote, I am going to elaborate on the squat. I am a firm believer that the squat and its derivatives are fundamental exercises that you have to incorporate into every single programme.  Don’t be mislead though, I’m […] Read more »

Top 10 Carb Intake Rules

Carb Intake Rules

Article by Chris Richards, Personal Trainer, Chris Richards Personal Training (Adapted from Charles Poliquin’s Top 10 Carb Intake Rules For Optimal Body Composition)             1. Eliminate grains, particularly wheat. This is the most important principle regarding carb intake. Wheat influences blood sugar levels the same way as plain table sugar. […] Read more »