Feel the Burn with Anton’s Bicep Burn Out

Workout by Anton Danyluk, Trainer at Burn It Bootcamp

Fit this into your existing workout to give the guns a bit of a lift. This is a great little addition for those starting out and looking for a bit of definition.

Bicep Workout

Bicep Burn Out

Dumbbell Single Bicep Curls 4 sets 10 reps (each arm)

1) Legs should be should shoulder width apart and slightly bent
2) Use dumbbells of suitable weight to your ability and hold them by your side
3) Keep elbows tucked into your sides and curl one of your arms towards your chest, make sure forearm is facing upwards
4) Ensure you only use your arms to lift the weight and not your back
5) As you lower your arm to the starting position you should alter arms
6) Continue the process until your set is finished

Concentrated Bicep Curls 4 sets 8 reps

1) Find an area to sit, keep legs shoulder width apart and place your elbow,the one with the dumbbell , on you inner thigh
2) Extend the arm that has the dumbbell so dumbbell is at your ankle
3) Keep back straight and curl arm up towards your chest, ensure forearm is facing upwards
4) Lower dumbbell slowly back to you ankle and continue until set is complete
5) Change arm and repeat above process

Seated Barbell Bicep Curls 4 sets 10

1) Use a barbell and add suitable weight to the barbell
2) Rest barbell on your thighs and keep back upright
3) Curl barbell up to your chest
4) Lower the barbell back to your legs and rest it for half a second then lift the bar back to your chest
5) Repeat until set is complete

21’s 3 sets

1) Use barbell of suitable weight
2) Legs should be should shoulder width apart and slightly bent
3) Keep elbows tucked into your sides and curl the bar halfway up, untill your forearm is at right angle to your bicep, lower the weight slowly back to your leg and repeat for 7reps
4) After the 7 reps lift the weight from the halfway point all the way to your chest and repeat for another 7reps
5) After that go straight into full bicep curls for the last 7 reps

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Anton works for Burn It Boot Camp, Scotlands leading outdoor fitness camp and functional strength specialists. For full details please visit www.burnitbootcamp.com

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